Hi.  I'm Adam Ward.

☞ Adam is a multi-hyphenate artist who resides in Los Angeles. As a visual artist, he works primarily in LEGO. He has loved playing with LEGO since he was a little afro-having, only child growing up in the tundras of Minnesota. Now he's taller, his fro is shorter, and he still plays with the same bricks.

Adam Ward, that's me!

His talents as an artist have lead him to a natural partnership with the ever-so-popular-and-lovely YouTube channel, SoulPancake, where he has become the “Bob Ross of LEGO”.

He has created major installations for Zappos, The Oscars, Tumblr, Warner Bros., Genentech, and more. His work has been featured in several magazines, such as Dwell and the LEGO centric, BLOCKS; as well as Oprah.com and Martha Stewart Weddings.com. He's currently working on large scale collaborations with Nestlé, Microsoft, and as the resident artist at "Bricksburg" where the next several LEGO movies are being made. (Everything is Awesome!)

He believes that play and creativity are two of the most important things in life, and strives to play and create everyday. He invites you to as well.


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